N A O M I / J A M I E  Studio

 Naomi has started her studio in 2015. She is an innovative creative specialized in creative direction, creating digital and analog conceptual design and complementing ambiances with photography and video. Her interest in design, fashion and travel has led to an ongoing visual research for concept and identity. Her sense for material and light on print and screen shows her specialty in abstract ambiance. In team or by herself she makes spherical stories by video and photography for brands to help them identify.
Style is best described as clear aesthetics , full of ambiance, and a poetic aspect.

" She has the reputation for making an ordinary plastic spoon appealing "




  • Design

  • Architecture

  • Interior

  • Fashion

  • Travel


Core Services

  • Animation

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Creative Direction



  for multipurpose content:

  • Creative Lookbooks

  • Micro shots / GIFS

  • Teaser

  • Campaign-photography & video

  • Brandvideo

  • Interior-photography & video

  • Architectural photo essays

  • Still Life Photography

  • Music Video


From the beginning she listened to my wishes with great sensitivity and managed to transform these abstract ideas in beautiful visual concepts. She has a unique vision and eye and combines these talents with a lovely personality and hard working mentality"

- Donata van Rassel, Aurora Concepts






“With a preference for landscapes, angles and contrast, we find compositions in everyday scenes. From modern architecture to a simple hallway, from well-known locations to a staircase of an ordinary house. With our sense of abstraction we give it a new perspective.” - Naomi