Lex Pott

BAvo deur

Lex Pott showes his signature design door for the ‘Tuindorpen’ in Haarlem. Our studio captured these designs. ‘Tuindorpen’ is a Dutch term for a specific form of European urban planning. In the towns that were built in the Netherlands at the beginning of last century, frontdoors are the ornament of buildings and the eye-catcher of the street. Richly detailed and multi-coloured, the door formed a relationship with the front garden or the plants in the street.

Lex Pott developed a new vision for a characteristic area in Haarlem. A project for Ymere in which he developed the door in a sleek design and realized the illusion of depth by putting the sills in an asymmetrical perspective. For us, the works needed a specific position of the sun. Only then the sills were emphasized with our aesthetic vision of shading.

I loved Lex Pott’s work when I worked for HAY, so it was such a pleasure to capture his designs! - Naomi