Jouer Studios

There is a new travelbrand in town! This young brand asked us to make the video for their website and social media. This video shows a community, a balance between the travelproducts, ambiance and fun.
Jouer Studios was in the search of a videographer that was able to translate their shooting day into the feel of their brand. They are a community of people who want to share there love for travel accessories.

 Special thanks to Zar Lasahidodo & Elmi Samater!

➖ music by @simonhodapp

➖ models: @noah erselina @serena arder @floor linskens @rizky @selinehergaarden @premvantv @carlasophiee @simona zhang

➖Thank you @Newgenerationmodelmanagement

➖ MUAH: @plutonicviolet